Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Etched Drinking Glasses by Jamie Gillahan

Materials: Drinking glass, etching cream, vinyl
The one thing crafters learn is that as family and friends learn of their ability, the requests we get to make things for others increases! I LOVE IT!! At times it's a way to go in directions that we wouldn't otherwise venture and others it's an idea for a gift that we know someone might love.
Then there's the website Pinterest, where there are ideas a plenty. A cousin of mine provided me with a picture of this etched glass and asked if it was something I could do. With a huge smile on my face all I could say was, with my Gazelle I can do anything!! Of course I told her that I could and made a trip to the store to find some glasses that would work.
The glasses that I found only came in a pack of 4, so I suggested adding the phrase to 2 of them and a skull and cross bones to the other 2. While it may be a little early still, these would be great for a Halloween party!! Add a little homemade dry ice rootbeer, also found on Pinterest, and you are all set!!

For the phrase "You have just been poisoned" I used the font Helvetica Medium available in the Funtime software. After making sure to use the weed and mirror option available in the cut menu, I cut it out on vinyl, and positioned it centered on the bottom of the glass. There were some minor imperfections on the bottom of the glass so I had to make sure that I removed ALL the air bubbles between the glass and the vinyl for a secure fit.

With the Skull and Cross Bones by Olivia Myers 0901, I started by placing the bones where I wanted them on the skull and created an outline of the whole thing. With the edit tools, I cut the bones so that they weren't going across the skull and connected the ends. I did have to do the little editting so that I could get the outline cut properly from the vinyl and that's yet ANOTHER reason I love my Gazelle, Funtime, and the video tutorials! The versatility and ease of use make it fun to create projects just as you would like them.
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