Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Friendly Ghosts Using Press'n Seal by Jamie G.

Files Used: Ghost Pumpkin 0498
Materials: Glad Press'n Seal

Back again with another Boss Kut Die Cut inspired and Pinterest twist project!! I've been looking for that one project where I can attempt a project that is larger than my mat size. So, following Terri's incredible training video I "cut" up the adorable ghost from the Ghost Pumpkin 0498. I just love the smile on his face and friendly feel he brings to the house!

The for the "ghostly" effect, I used Glad Press'n Seal. To keep the number of cuts down, I used the 12 x 24 mat. The large ghost in the door wall is 41.15 inches high. This ghost is in 5 different pieces and you can obviously tell that I didn't use the whole ghost.

Note: When putting the press'n seal on the mat only press down enough to make it stick to the mat. Too much and it will cause problems removing it after you've made your cut. Also, when you put the press'n seal on your window or glass, do NOT press it down. The static cling, will keep it against the surface as you position it where you want it. Then in places where it is curling up, use 1 or 2 fingers and press down there. Pressing the whole cut will make it wrinkle and when you take it down, there's A LOT more clean up.

The ghost on the mirror is 18.75 inches high. I used the 12 x 24 mat again so that I could cut him out in one piece. Well, I guess it's technically 2 but that's just how the cut file is made. :o)

I still can't get over how adorably cut this ghost is!! My children love it and it makes Halloween less scary for the younger ones.  It's an incredibly easy project that can spruce up your home for Halloween!

Jamie Gillahan – BossKut Design Team Member
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