Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween " Welcome" Sign by Jamie G

Files Used: Bat Pop Kut by Judy Stark BKD039, Broom Riding Witch by Judy Stark BKD044, Haunted House by Olivia Myers 0486, Flying Ghost by Olivia Myers 0493, Ghost Pumpkin 0498, Happy Ghost by Olivia Myers 0494
Materials: Piece of wood, vinyl, card stock, Mod Podge, origami paper

I just love Halloween! It's so much fun and enjoy all the decorations that go with it. I'm having a blast working putting my Gazelle to work.

For this project I started out with a plain white wood scrap that I got for free at a local hardware store. I've had this for the longest time and just wasn't sure what to do with it! I used some fine sand paper on the surface I wanted to work with because I wanted to make sure that the scrapbook paper I was putting on it would stay.
Then using Mod Podge, I put a layer over the whole surface and put my scrapbook paper on top. Again, I put a layer of Mod Podge on the paper.

While I was waiting for the Mod Podge, I hopped on Funtime and got to selecting the images for my welcome sign. Using the Funtime font Frankenstein, I typed out "Welcome" and "The Gillahan's." I added a border and cut it all out using vinyl.

In Funtime, I placed the ghosts where I would want them in the windows and using the scissors I "cut" them so it appeared that they are in the house.

To help complete the look, I cut out a circle for the moon for the witch to ride across. I added some chalk to the sides of the haunted house and some glitter to the ghosts.

I really enjoy making kusudama flowers!! I make them for all sorts of occasions and enjoy giving them to family and friends. When I first started making them, I started out by following this tutorial by Folding Trees. It gives 2 different options for folding them and the instructions are really easy to follow.

BUT I could just stop at making kusudama flowers! There's always has to be a way to incorporate them into the season. For these ones, I started out by using a file that was shared by Jules in the Gazelle Owner's Forum during a challenge. It's another great reason why if you're a Gazelle owner to visit the forum from time to time!!

Using the spider web that she created, I cut it into quarters and sized it appropriately for the size paper I chose. If you haven't made or looked at the instructions for making these flowers, each pedal is a single sheet of square paper. While I've used thin scrapbooking paper before, I used black origami paper for these.

I finished off my flowers by adding them to floral stem with a bead in the center. 13 flowers in total, with one of them housing a beaded spider. :o)

This was one of those projects that I truly was able to incorporate several different crafting projects that I enjoy doing!

For more information on how I added each flower to a stem, please visit my blog post here. Or for more information on this bouquet, please visit my Halloween Kusudama Flowers.

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