Monday, January 16, 2012

LOVE IS IN THE AIR - by Judy Stark

I hope everyone had wonderful, special holidays last month.  Mine was just fabulous but, I will never wait again until the week before Christmas to shop! That was just the craziest idea I have had in a long time.

I have been busy the past week with designing new Valentine embellishments and the above card pattern. Now, I can start scrapbooking!!
The card above is a box card with a heart design swag. I am making these for my Grand daughters and will add candy in a box, insert into front bottom part, which is a open box. I plan to make a larger version of this design and will post when completed.  I made this for them to put on their desk for Valentine's day or give to their teachers. This card was so easy to make using my Bosskut Gazelle!
                     I used the box card pattern again but didn't use the box. I used a new design, soon to be released at which I call "Heart with Lattice Hugger."
I found this darling vintage valentine jpg on the internet. (free) Just google vintage valentines.  The Bosskut Gazelle now has 3 pt print-n-cut and I used this feature to cut multiple designs. LOVE IT!  If you have the original Gazelle, you can update to the 3 pt board. Go to their website for more information. 
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Judy Stark - Bosskut Design Team 

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