Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentine with Candy by Lori m

Little guys and Valentine’s, fill the season with love. 

Our grandson loves to pass things out at daycare and being so young I thought “smarties”, soft candy that dissolves easy and no chocolate mess.

So, I sat looking at my pretty in pink marvel machine, my “Gazelle”, I started planning out the cards.

Thanks to the new Gazelle mother board and Funtime upgrades for print and cuts, I was able to finish 15 of these darling little cards in a flash.

I chose pink and lace for the little girls and the yellows for the boys. Those little bees are just so darn cute!

The pretty lace background is from a soon to be released file, over at  http://www.bosskutdiecuts.com/, named “Presley's Curls Frame”.


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