Friday, September 2, 2011

Fun With Vinyl and Rhinestones by Lori m.

I made rhinestone templates in my Gazelle Funtime program, adjusted the stones to my liking using the files;
1. #0985 Scroll
2. #0986 Scroll
3. #0989 Swirls
4. $0738 Flourish
which can be found at

Oh, endless. Transform clothing, or material objects and best of all walls.
Here in the first photos you’ll see three tee-shirts I made for our grandson. I used vinyl to cut the templates, and then used fabric paints for the designs.

A sign I made for our bathroom wall. :)

Cutting vinyl with my Gazelle is very easy to do!  To order vinyl:
Lori m.

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phyllis said...

I love the rhinestones. Ask anyone bling is my thing. The shirts for your grandson came out great too what fabric paint do you use?

Your bathroom sign is awesome. I need to make us one of those lol.