Saturday, September 17, 2011

Halloween Projects for School Children by Debbie Grommet

Last fall my then first grade granddaughters teacher decided that she wanted craft stations for the kids party as opposed to games and such. So I came up with this book marker. The letters I put through a xyron machine so that they did not get glue all over everything and I pute the yellow behind the pumpkins so that it was easy for them to do the rest. I stretched a scalloped tag long and used the ghost pumpkin and the Boo was from the funtime software. This was loved by the teacher and the kids used them in their books for weeks. Would make a good party favor too or a tag for a page.  Die cuts available at
This is another of the Halloween craft stations/party favor. The chalk board pumpkin is outlined .25 to get the orange outline. I made these large enough that you get 4 per 12x12 sheet. This is the fatter Bosskut pumpkin This was simple the kids applied the chalk board to the orange cardstock and glued on the leaf. Them we gave them a piece of cheap chalk and they drew faces over and over. The chalk is like 75 cents for 12 pieces and this filled out all the extra time because they just kept making more faces.The teacher wanted all the leftovers. To purchase a 12x15 inch heavy wgt chalkboard vinyl : 

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