Sunday, September 11, 2011

Halloween Projects by Linn Cole

Today I made some Halloween Projects for the little kids in the neighborhood.  The card is for my little cousin (I give him a gift card!)  I used the moon and bats and the spider from the "Blue Book" inside of Funtime III software, I made the web myself! 
 Next is a little basket I made from Card Stock (4-1/4" x 4-1/4") scored in 3 sections both ways and cut top and bottom pieces at the 1st score line using Funtime III. Pull sides up and secure with mini brads or even double sided tape add ribbon for handle.  I took Bosskut cut out #0498D Ghostpumpkin  on front!  Holds a decent amount of goodies!
  Then I took a little 4" x 6" clear cello bag and put some more goodies into it and made a 'Topper" using the 2-B Frame under 'Frames' in the Blue Book plus the cool "skull & crossbones" from the 'Halloween' Blue Book section, took it apart, used the outline and added spiders crawling over it and blood tears!  BOO!
Cut out the "frame" (make sure to put a score line in the middle going longways) and the "skull & crossbones" add to frame piece and use double sided tape on both sides to hold to cello bag closed.  Until next time.
Linn Cole
Bosskut Design Team

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