Sunday, May 12, 2013

Princess Magnetic Countdown by Jamie G

Files Used: Butterfly Frame by Judy Stark BKD 189, Princess Hand Mirror by Judy Stark BKD 002
Materials: Card stock, self adhesive rhinestones, magnetic material

Everytime this year after my daughter's dance recital, we start looking at what we're going to do to keep ourselves busy during the summer. This year her dance studio is offering a 3-day Princess Camp where she can get all dressed up and learn how to be a princess! She's so excited and asks everyday when she gets to go. Unfortunately at this time she doesn't have a full grasp of time, so I've created a countdown calendar for her. We'll change the number of days each day and she'll be able to see how many cards are left. I'm truly hoping that this will help make it easier for her.

For the actual countdown, I started with the new Butterfly Frame by Judy Stark BKD 189. I ran the card stock of choice through my Xyron machine, laminating the front and applying magnetic backing to it. Then I placed it on my cutting mat and the Gazelle cut through it on 1 pass with no problems!! Love, LOVE it!

For the numbers counting down, I simply created the text in Funtime and printed it out. Then just cut the shape around it. Simple and fast. I inked the edges to give the white card stock a little more dimension to it.

The Princess Hand Mirror by Judy Stark BKD 002 gave me a little more trouble. I knew that I wanted different layers to it but I also wanted the Gazelle to cut the shape of the mirror around all the layers AFTER I had laminated it. Clear as mud? :o)

Example, usually when I'm cutting a shape from my magnetic material it's a basic shape and a single layer of card stock that's been passed through the laminate/magnetic cartridge of my Xyron.

Since I wanted layers on the mirror, I had to cut the paper, picture, and handle out BEFORE passing it through my Xyron. Then my dilemma was, how do I place my project on the cutting mat making sure that I get it just right so that it cuts around my layered pieces.

After layering the picture, princess hand mirror, and the handle, I ran them through the Xyron. This gave me the rectangle that I was wanting to avoid.

In Funtime, I created a outline around the entire image. Then with the new feature in Funtime IV, I turned on the cutting mat view. Making sure that the image was placed just about where I had placed it on the actual cutting mat, I crossed my fingers and hit cut.

I was VERY impressed with just how close I actually got it!! I added a few self adhesive rhinestones to the top, because what princess doesn't have a little bling?!

My daughter was very excited when it was completed and it very much looking forward to changing the countdown every day. That to me is a very successful project! :o)

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