Saturday, August 27, 2011

Money Tree by Lori M.

Who ever said Money doesn’t grow on trees?  Well, here’s proof it does.

To assemble this 60th Birthday Money Tree that I made for my brother, I used the following files.
1. #0449D oakleaf
2. #0788 Pop Kut Leaves.
3. Picnic Set #BKD023
4. #0990D ornamental scroll
5. # 0389 flower flourish 
For the tree branches I cut down two of our lilac branches, wrapped them in floral tape and then added the Bosskut leaves.

In the top corner you can see the gorgeous Bosskut leaves followed by the addition of scratch off Lotto Tickets and last bottom right is the finished Money Tree, with the cash attached.
The little cutie is a bonus, he’s our grandson.


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