Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tissue Box by Linn Cole

Today I wanted to put some tissues in my guest rooms but I didn't want to use the bigger boxes.  I made this tiny tissue box that you can find a pattern on the web anywhere. However, I wanted mine closed up to keep the tissues fresh and to only have enough for that guest. This way I am able to change to new ones for every guest!   I of course, made a wpc file in Gazelle Funtime III for this cute little box and I used the colors that I have decorated my guest rooms with.  In this case, the comforter is shades of deep red and black and grey (which I LOVE).  I used a solid piece of card stock for the body of the box and card stock with a design on it for the contrast, then I used the Florette -0368 found here.  Instead of coloring this florette in with markers, (I'm really, really bad at that)   I decided to divide the florette into 3 separate pieces and use 3 different colors of card stock and viola!!!, I got a cute Florette to match my guest room. I then added rhinestones in the middle and outside for some extra bling! Used some foam squares on back to give it the 3D look.  Now all I have to do is put the tissues in!  ALL DONE and it looks really nice on the nightstand!  These would be nice to make and put in your child's schoolbag too!
Enjoy -
 Happy crafting from Linn -
Bosskut Design Team Member-  woo-hoo!!!!

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Lori m said...

Love it, gosh I was just looking for something like this for our bathroom to cover those store bought boxes.

Hugs, Lori m