Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tee Pee Card with Charms by Linn

I saw this wonderful Tee Pee Card on a UK site awhile back and Now I here they are also calling it a Pryamid Card, so whatever you want to call it, it's 3D and stands up but most important is that it folds in half then in half again to fit in a standard invitation size envelope! (4-1/4" x 5-1new charm/2")  I used a sheet of Pink Card stock and Creme' Brulee' card stock from BK, also some of the beautiful charms and a cute bow die to finish the outside of the card.  To make card you can cut 3 - 3.75" x 3.75" squares and lay 2 down side by side and glue the 3rd one diagonally in the middle and score to fold.  Use a velcro dot to hold it closed, but since I have a Bosskut Gazelle.... I almost never do anything the hard way!  I made a wpc template for the card and for the design pieces to fit, then cut the bow die 3 times and hung charms from all 3 sides and even one inside over the message for that someone special using a Pen in the blade holder to write my message!  The card still folds up with the charms on it but to mail you do have to write on the envelope "Non Machinable" and add 20 cents extra postage, but I think it's well worth it!

Enjoy- Linn - Bosskut Design Team Member

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