Sunday, November 6, 2011

Projects using Vinyl and Bosskut Gazelle

 Finally after a long awaited time, I have the one living room wall where I"m happy with it.
 The side scones are actually a mini knock off version of my Mom's Dining Room Light Fixture but I had trouble getting the design just right to show six lights so I just did three.
Sorry the lighting is bad at night but the text reads, Dreams..... where you can travel for free! There you have it from "Blah", to "Oh My".. to "I Really Like It"!
The inspiration came from my Mom's light fixture,  but I only have three lights, her's fixture has more. 

Then using my Funtime program, the awesome Wacom our son gave me, a little tinkering and my file was ready to cut.  This was sized a little under 12x12 and then cut on my Gazelle.  The rest is easy.

I highly recommend using transfer tape and trust me you won't be sorry, it makes things a whole lot easier. Tape and vinyl are available at  
Enjoy, blessings, Lori m
Bosskut Design Team

This is Ryleighs notebook the soccer silhouettes are from pictures I of her on the soccer field. I used a sharpie to outline her and then scanned into my computer and imported into Funtime. It cut with no additional work. I have also cut these in 22 " wall stickers but they moved before I put them on the wall to a rented house while they a building a new one and she wants me to save them for the new house. Ryleigh tells me she has the coolest notebook and that her friends want me to fix theirs.

This year all fifth graders had to have an accordian file  but the girls did not like just the plain ones and all the cute ones were sold out so I fixed them up. This is the 0500 fifties flower and the font is Hobos

Debbie Grommet
Bosskut Design Team

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