Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Place cards and Layout by Phyllis Parkins

Phyllis Parkins a/k/a Mrs. Bosskut, wanted to make a few fast, last minute items you can make in between cooking, shopping etc. today.  The first project (above) are place cards for Thanksgiving using her Bosskut Gazelle and LaLaLand stamps.  Since time is an issue and hand coloring multiple times the stamps: Phyllis decided to scan her original stamp (already colored) into her Funtime program. Then, make a print n cut and cutting these out using her Bosskut Gazelle 3 pt Print n Cut feature. Look how the Gazelle cut exactly where needed!  The finished product of the stamps were 2.5 by 1.5 inches and perfect for her place cards! Great coloring Phyllis and what an adorable set of placecards.  Bosskut is having their Black Friday sale and LaLaLand stamps,Copic markers and other items are on sale at 25% off 
Check the sale out!

This layout was made using my Gazelle and my finished original stamps. My frames,title,mats and pumpkins with vine were cut using my Gazelle. I did a print n cut for my pumpkins and I was very pleased to see my Gazelle cut those thin vines perfectly! Pumpkins with vine is available at  

Happy Thanksgiving!   John and Phyllis Parkins

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