Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Using the scheme selector tool in your Funtime Gazelle 3 Software

Have you used the scheme selector button on the bottom bar of your art board? It is the gray/blue icon with an arc over a small color bar. I have an arrow pointing to it on the above picture. I use this feature of Funtime quit often and even more so now I am using my Gazelle with the 3 point print-n-cut feature. For demo purposes, I am using a picture of the turkey napkin holder I made for Thanksgiving. I wanted to make a few more co-ordinated accessories for our Thanksgiving table. To use this feature:
Go to file and select import, jpg. Select the file on your art board. 2 Click the SCHEME SELECTOR icon on the bottom of your work area. It is between the Web icon and the rhinestone.
You will now have EVERY color in your color bar that is in the jpg you imported!

Why would you use this? I personally use mine to work on layouts and cards sometimes to get a visual before I actually make them. I can decide which colors look the best to me. Many times you will see colors in your color bar that you don’t even notice in your picture! Below are a few examples how handy this feature is to use.
 I imported a wpc shape and now have color coordinated accessories. I am going to use these as placemats for desserts.
I am going to print n cut these but using the original cutter lines since this is a delicate piece. (Faster)

                   I am now going to go one step further and crop image to the file. VERY EASYTake your WPC file/shape and move it on top of the jpg. Click select.
Go to top of your Funtime browser window and select IMAGE. Go to CROP and then select personal path.
     Click the file area and a pop up window will appear asking if you want to include region. Click NO
You will see a dotted line around the cropped area. Take your mouse and move file away from the original jpg.
                                              This turkey file was designed by Lisa Smidt http://www.bosskutdiecuts.com/

I am now going to make some coordinating cupcake wrappers. File by Bosskut- Terri Mouw and available at www.bosskutdiecuts.com  You are doing the same thing as above. Personal crop feature under Image.
Before I can cut my wrappers and the turkey placemats, I need to click the wand feature and it will make my cut lines.
I now have my accessories ready to print and cut!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Judy Stark
Bosskut Design Team

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