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HAPPY HOLIDAYS from BOSSKUT - Scrap-Mart 2nd Annual Blog Hop Day 2

                                           NINE BLOCK WALL QUILT
                                                                  By Ruthanne Tucker
                                                                     Guest Designer                                           

    I am new to quilting and made a simple nine block wall quilt and I thought I would really test the BossKut Gazelle and see if it can cut out these delicate snowflakes from fabric and without any problems, the Gazelle cut out the most beautiful snowflakes I’d ever seen! and I was able to fuse them to the top of my wall quilt. Snowflake patterns available at   
 I have to say I’m very impressed on how the BossKut Gazelle cut out the snowflakes. Each delicate piece looked like I worked very hard, when the truth is, I didn’t.

Ruthanne Tucker



                                                           By Linn Cole
                                                           Bosskut Design Team                                                       

I made this cute wreath for my front door using the Bosskut Pointsettia Digital Die Cut(you can download it from this website   Also, I made the 12 inch circle on the Gazelle then used 2 colors of green and two colors of red for the pointsettias and glued them to the cut out circle.
  I also used some 2 inch wire ribbon that I just happened to find that has Pointsettia's on it and placed the big bow at the bottom of the Wreath.  I started by cutting the 1st Pointsettia at 4.5" and then did 2 more that were 3.5" then I did 6 more at 3" each.  I then sprayed them with Shimmer Mist and placed rhinestones in the center of each flower! 

                                                 IRON ON VINYL GLAM T-SHIRTS
                                                  By Lori m.                                    
                                                               Bosskut Design Team

Want  a little Holiday Glamour?  Why not make some pretty tops to wear, a little shiny vinyl, a few rhinestones and some amazing bosskut diecuts, cut with a Gazelle die cutter of course.This adorable design is one of the new files, from Bosskut’s designer Judy Stark.

Here’s a few that I started for my Holiday attire, then I’ll be making some gifts for other people to enjoy.For those days you just want to relax but look pulled together, here’s a twist for a sweatshirt.  I used, glitter heat vinyl, with Rhinestones and did my outline in fabric paint for a little whimsical touch 
The file name is: Tree Mistletoe Cupcakes-JS.Next up, is my turtleneck Tee-shirt, I never like the way jewels feel with turtlenecks and so, I’ve added a little sparkle and glitter right to the shirt.  For this shirt I used a couple of Bosskut’s new files:

Of course, we all need a pretty little black sweater for those chilly nights out and what better than one with a little bling added to it?

This design has a little tweaking, as I cut the pretty swirly design a bit larger then I should have.  Frugal I, decided to cut it in half and piece it like this. After looking it still needed something so I along came the bow.
The pretty Swirl is part of the beautiful “Holly Collection”, and the bow is from the “Tree Mistletoe Cupcakes-JS.
Well, there you have it, the start to my holiday apparel collection, the first samples will be mine to enjoy, and after all, Santa did say I’ve been extra good this year. ;)

Remember,  sells the amazing “Gazelle” die cutter, rhinestones, vinyl, mats, blades, pretty papers, rubber stamps and more.  Did I mention Copics too? sells the most amazing files that cut so smooth they really make my “Gazelle” sing.   Lori m                                             

By Phyllis Parkins
Mrs. Bosskut

One of my favorite holiday traditions is a special ornament for each of my girls. I did this every year while they were growing up and then when they started leaving home they each were able to take all of their special ornaments that we had been collecting over the years. I'm continuing this tradition for my grandchildren.  This year I decided to use our new improved print and cut feature to make their ornaments. I imported stamped my images and then scanned them into my Gazelle software. You can scan directly into your Gazelle software. Then I added a border around the images, put their name on the ornament,  added my crop marks, printed them, then cut them on the Gazelle and colored the images with my copics. After I made the cut line around my .jpeg stamped image I made the line color white so it would not show when I printed it. I used the outline feature to add 2 additional mats and the charm feature to the largest mat and then cut them. They were fun to make and I was so pleased with how accurate the print and cut was.
Stamps or digital images to scan I used La La Land and Magnolia Stamps for my images. You can find them in the craft supplies catagory at
Copic x-press paper available at
Copic markers also available at
Best Creations glitter paper available

By Judy Stark
Bosskut Design Team Leader

Another fast and easy project for the holidays.  I used the Bosskut Reindeer available at and a basic bag pattern.  If you are needing bag or box patterns, look in your free Funtime software under 3d shapes.  (Blue Book)  I cut my bag 5.5" by 3.5 " and my reindeer is 2.5 " by 2 ".  Attach your reindeer to the front and add ribbon.  I used a stamp on mine for the sentiment but you could add a sticker or write with your Gazelle. Bag now ready for some Christmas treats or coal?


By Judy Stark
Bosskut Design Team Leader

This is a print and cut combo card.  I used the newly released Pinecones file available at and made the inside frame by designing the layout and printing/cutting with my Gazelle.  This file includes a jpg, WPC, GSD, AI and you can cut it with your Gazelle, sketch it with your  pen feature on your Gazelle or as I did, print and cut.
After cutting my print and cut, I added a little more color with my Copic markers.  Chalked the edges, matted it to the background frame and added the metal flourish. 


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