Monday, May 28, 2012

BK "Parker" Flower Hair Clip by Becki W

While swimming in the sea of testosterone I call my home, I realized how sad I am that I cannot make use of all those cute little hair clips floating around the Internet.  You see, I am much too old to pull off super girly pink hair accessories and definitely not cool enough.  So what is a girl who is awash in boys to do?  Make them anyway and dare someone to make fun of you!

So I got my brain working on how I was going to accomplish this after I saw the Parker Pop-Kut flower.  I knew I wanted to use this cute flower but I didn't think paper would hold up too well in the rain.  So what would?  I just happen to look within the many bins in my craft room and see that I had pink foam about 2mm thick. Can my Gazelle cut foam?  Why yes, Virginia, it can!!   I love having a machine that does just about everything except the dishes.

These are pretty simple to make.  You just need one of those alligator hair clips you can purchase at the craft store, foam 2mm or under and a super cute file like I have here.  If your flower is not going to be big enough (like the one on the right) to cover the whole clip, feel free to wrap a coordinating ribbon around it.  Oh and hot glue.
Since I had foam that is on the thicker end of the scale for the Gazelle, you still may need to pop it out of the foam after cutting.  I put my Deep Cut blade into the holder with 3 O-rings.  I set my Speed set on 2, force 2 and had it cut twice.  Pop them out of the foam and waa-laa, instant beauty! To give them a little stability, I cut two circles out of heavy card stock to hot glue to the back of the flower, then glued them once again with hot glue to the clips.  Embellish as desired.

Becki - Bosskut Design Team

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