Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fancy Cards

Fancy cards, if you’re like me, you “wow” at some of those pretty intricate cards.  Many are for sale but often it’s just not what you had in mind.

So why not make your own?  Here’s a quick little tutorial I put together using my Funtime Gazelle software. 

First off, find the shape or design you want to use or as I often do, draw my own. For this card I chose a butterfly shape. You can find many shapes and designs over at, if you’d rather not make your own.

I chose this butterfly to show the detailed cutting, my Bosskut Gazelle can handle when using thick card stock.

Next draw a circle, no need to worry about the size right now you can adjust that later. Either duplicate or create and Outline of the circle, I chose my “Outline” feature. I also use black and white colors and like to work in wireframe mode often.

Position your shape inside the circle, here I could have gone a wee bit smaller but I was happy with the finished project so I left it.

The image on the left is just the butterfly in the circle. Notice the darker colors on the right side image?  Here again, I used Funtime’s “WYSiWYG” feature under the Shape tab on your top tool bar. When selecting the WYSiWYG feature, a little box comes up and you’ll want to select Low and OK.

Delete the parts that are overlapping on your circle. 
Once that’s finished your image should look something like this.

 Now you can see the butterfly is attached to my circle and this will all cut out as one piece.Since these are being given for Mother’s Day cards, I really wanted to make them special so I added yet another fun part to my card. Lattice, oh, I do love lattice on cards.

You can see on the image below, how my butterfly will look once its cut.
Draw another circle, then next, on the color palette to the bottom you’ll see a tool button, click on that and select lattice.
(Notes: I’m using Funtime version 3 the latest update.)
On my lattice settings, I just moved the sliders around until I liked the patterns, click apply and close out.
For more information on making lattice cards check out “Bosskut’s Card Lattice Training videos by Terri Mouw”.
Are you having fun yet?  Let’s take this a step further, and make a circle, outline your circle and then apply your lattice.  Here’s what mine looks like.

To have my card cutout the way I wanted, you’ll need to remove part of your circle around the butterfly. To do that put a box around your butterfly to select the whole image and ungroup it.
Remove the outer circle as shown in the next photo.

Here’s what this looks like in wire frame mode.
same images but the bottom one is in wire frame mode.

Since I wanted to make a card, I drew a rectangle for the size card I was going to use, moved and positioned my image.

The finished card….. I added extra butterflies and some pretty glitter.

There you have it, a little time and a whole lot of pretty! This technique can be used on lots of different cards like birthdays, weddings, baby, etc.

Thank you for stopping by to look.
Lori m

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Marge said...

STUNNING Mother's Day card, Mrs. Boss Kut!!! ;-) Hope your Mother's Day is wonderful!!!