Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mother's Day Step Card by Judy S

  Every Mother's Day my daughter Tara always gives me a special plaque or book about Mothers. I have saved all of them through the years and love to get out the box and read over again.  This year I decided to use one of the pages and recycle to her.
 I used a basic step card pattern which you can find on the internet and added the MOM to the front. It's very easy to do this in your Funtime program!  I used the text feature, break by character to separate the letters individually,click convert text to path and then used the cut path feature (Scissors) on the bottom of the letters.  Then you just move the word and lay on top of the criss cut line and they will pop up on your card.

Now I have my card pattern ready to cut with my Bosskut Gazelle.  I used 85 wgt cardstock using 1 pass, 12 K/O, force 2 and speed 3.  I then cut my background frames, sizing those in Funtime.  I glued the background frames after chalking the outside.  I then chalk the quote and attached it to the front of my card.

I used the newly released Ruffles Butterfly design available for purchase at
                              All of our designs are created for computerized digital cutters.

The digital downloads contain all of the following formats: AI, WPC, GSD, Vector PDF and a jpg for reference.
 The flower is also a newly released design "Parker PK Flower."   Remember, all of the PopKuts are one cut designs!  If you haven't cut any of these before, try them.  To finish my card, I added a sticker (Mom & Me) some faux stick on pearls and ribbon.  Enjoy!

Judy Tesla Stark - Bosskut Design Team Leader

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This is just gorgeous!