Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mothers Day Card by Becki

Hi-de-ho, everyone!  Yes, I am back again with another Mother's Day card.  Each one I think I like better than the last.  LOL  Eventually, I will make the perfect one from all the practice I have been getting.  o_O  I like this one because it is a bit of a departure from my normal super simple style.  

Notice I did say a "bit" because this one was super easy to make too.  Don't you just love electronic die-cutting machines and their files?  Makes card making quick and you are able to get pretty much any size and style for whatever project you are currently creating!  

See?  Super easy and looks a little more "done" so to speak.  Hey, I actually added a little sparkly this time.  Things are looking up!!  Check out the pretty scroll behind the Spider Daisy.  Isn't it cool? Also the Daisy itself.  Both come together in one file.  I can't believe how perfect my Gazelle cut those petals out.  Super thin and tiny.  For the sentiment, I used the Victorian Tag.  I turned it sideways, go rid of the hole and made a copy.  I needed two of them so I could place my font on one and have a solid tag.  One in brown and the other in pink.  The brown one is the bottom layer and the pink is the top with my sentiment.  I like doing my sentiment this way because it helps me get my alignment right and I don't have to fuss with gluing down small lettering.  It's a great time saver!

Hope you enjoyed today's card.  Hit me up in the comments if you have any questions and as always, I would love to hear what you think!!  Have a great day and happy crafting.


Spider Daisy and Scroll by Boss Kut Designs

Victorian Tag by Boss Kut Designs

Mosaic Memories stack by Recollections


Krafthead said...

I love that flower! Awesome~

Janet said...

I like this card. It has good colors. I love the flower also!!!! Good choice!

Janet said...

I love this colors of this card. I to like the flower.

Rebecca Morefield-Wagner said...

Thanks, Krafthead!! ;)