Monday, May 21, 2012

Thank You Card by Becki

Who knew you could get so many die-cuts on a card in such a small space?  Well, I guess when you layer them up, huh?  I needed a Thank You card like yesterday but it was for someone very special for a very special thank you so it had to also look good.  

On Mother's Day, I received a super awesome, unbelievable gift.  Ironically, my husband or kids did not give it to me.  It was from an adorable friend who I have become quite fond of and not just because she gives totally awesome gifts either.  I thought she was a peach before that.  ^__^  It was so undeserved too.  I am sooo humbled by it, you just don't know. So on to my lovely card for a lovely lady.

So I used three of Boss Kuts adorable designs.  On another ironic note, I used two of the new Pop-Kuts but there was little popping.  While I love the popping up of these files, I liked the look layered too.  See how versatile these designs are?  I thought it would be uber-chic to say Thank You in French, hence the "merci" stamp.  I mean, isn't that fancier than just saying "thanks?"  Heheh.  I used the new Loopy Doily for the bottom of my die-cut stack, then the new Parker Pop-Kut flower (yes, all three layers) and then finally for the top, the Ruffled Butterfly.  I did only use the Pop-Kut top part.  There are two layers to this file.  All cuts are 2" and under.  They still cut like a dream or a hot knife through butter.  Whatever analogy floats your boat.  o_O

That's pretty much it.  This was super fast with the help of my handy dandy cutter, the amazing pink lady herself - the Gazelle.  Oh, she's a sleek one I tell ya.  I just need to find a proper name for her.  Do you name your machines?  I can barely name my kids, let alone a machine.  hehe  If you think of any good ones, leave them in the comments section.  I would love to hear them, um, I think.  I hope I didn't just open a can of worms.  ;P

Loopy Doily by Boss Kut
Parker Pop-Kut Flower by Boss Kut

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