Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bible Easel Card by Jamie G

Files Used: Cross by Karen Taglia 0344, Dove with Scroll by Karen Taglia 0397, Open book available in the Bluebook in Funtime
Materials: Card stock, black glitter heat transfer vinyl, ribbon

I started with using the book cutting file available in the Funtime Blue Book minus the actual pages that I needed for the book. Don't forget to check out all those cut files that came with your Gazelle!!

The reason for not cutting out the pages yet is because I wanted to give my book a dimensional look and decided that adding more pages would help to achieve that. Using a fantastic new feature in the Funtime IV software, I was able to increase the size of the pages by percentage!! For this particular application, it makes it so much easier because the 2 pages of the book that I'm dealing with are different sizes by an odd number.

I re sized my book to 5 X 7 by using the Condense option in the Transformation box. Fortunately with this particular cut file, by condensing it instead of maintaining the ratio it didn't noticeably distort the image. I simply chose to do this because it made it easier to assemble a A7 envelope for mailing instead of creating a whole new envelope. :o)

Now that my book is the size I'd like, I select the image and at the top under Shape, select Break all. This gives me the ability to select the individual pages. I chose to make a total of 4 pages (for each side) for my book. Selecting each of the pages, make an additional 3 copies.

There was no magic in deciding the sizes of each of the layered pages. I just picked a percentage I thought that work well and went with it. So, keeping that in mind the top page will remain the size that was created when I condensed my whole book to 5 X 7. Each page after increases by 2.5%.

At this point you will definitely need the transformation box up and have either the Width or Height selected. Select the second page, in the transformation box I selected Width, then click on the box next to the percentage sign. Next to the W.: type in 102.5 and hit the Apply button. You'll notice that once you've selected Apply, the numbers in the boxes will revert back to the measurements instead of the percentage

The third page I increased by 105% and the final was increased by 107.5%.

I cut out the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th pages and shaded them with some ink. For the first page I typed out and printed some of the NIV Bible from Mark 16 onto the top pages and cut out the pages around it. I also added some ink to the edges of the first page.

For the place marker ribbon, I ironed on "He is Risen" using the beautiful black glitter heat transfer vinyl. Using the video by Terri, Vertical Text, I typed out the sentiment vertically, spaced it to my liking, and then centered it. Remember when you are working with heat transfer vinyl to cut the vinyl and NOT the backing. When you go into the cut menu, make sure to "Mirror" your sentiment and "Weed" it.

To hold up my book I took 2 of the Dove with Scroll by Karen Taglia 0397 and welded them together. I glued down the scroll to the base of the card and scored the doves so that they would stand up, supporting the book.

I cut the scrolls out in 110 lb card stock, which by the way my Gazelle cut out beautifully!! Check out those clean cuts. Using several different colors of ink pads, I dabbed the scroll to give it a speckled look.

Using the same technique with the inking, I inked the Cross by Karen Taglia 0344 and applied a self adhesive maroon pearl to the center

I hope that this project has inspired you to create something beautiful with the Boss Kut Designs and to check out the wonder new features available with Funtime IV!

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