Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Brownies using Bosskut Gazelle by Jamie G.

Files Used: Butterfly Egg 0638, Cross by Karen Taglia 0344, Easter Egg with Cross 0640, Lattice Egg BKD 004, Ornamental Egg 0639,
Materials: Card stock, yummy delicious brownies, confectioner sugar

Add a Boss Kut die cut to a mocha brownie and it just doesn't get any better than that!! Beautiful and delicious all-in-one. :o)

I started out with getting my brownie batter mixed and in the oven. Once that was baking, I got out my egg shaped cookie cutter and measure it so that I knew how wide to make the die cuts.

I selected various Boss Kut Die Cuts and cut them out on some scrap paper that I had. The Gazelle was much faster at getting this part done then the oven did at getting the brownies baked! :o)

With the brownies done and cooled off, I cut out the egg shapes with the cookie cutter. I placed my egg shaped brownies on some wax paper and laid the die cuts on top of them. With a shifter, I put some confectioner sugar on top.

Carefully I lifted the die cuts off of the brownies and set them off to the side. While I did have some of a disagreement with some of the sugar, for the most part I'm really happy with how they turned out!! Super cute and yummy!!

This fun little project took little time and was VERY easy! Got me to thinking about what you might be able to do with a cake, or a cookie cake. Maybe use the negative of a cut to create the outline to follow with pipe frosting or gel . . . . hmmmmmm. ;o)

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