Saturday, March 9, 2013

Irish Doodle by Lori m

Doodle art is becoming more popular and I find myself doodling more with the new Funtime IV software. With the new features, it makes it even more fun, than before.

First I decided to play around a little with the “Spiral” tool under your Draw tab. After a few times this face just popped out at me and, well I thought it was cute and went with it.

Cute faces look better with curly locks and so….

On to my favorite tool the “Calligraphy” tool. I made a few curly scribbles until I found the one I wanted to use.

Since I wanted to make this into a cutting file, I widened the strokes adjusted things a bit and used WYSIWYG feature.   

Taking it one step further I played around a little with the “Transformation” Box and checked block.  A whole different look but still pretty neat I think. 

Since I planned to make these into little tags I applied the “Charm” effects to my green circle.

Here’s the finished cut out tag!  Have fun crafting

Lori m.

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