Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring Jellybean Bouquet by Nikki

Files Used:
Various flowers from Funtime Blue Book
Bosskut Grass Border by Olivia Myers
PopKut Butterfly
I started by lightly sanding the box, priming it with white paint, then painting the outside pale blue and the inside seafoam green.

Using my Gazelle, I cut out several flower shapes from pastel repositionable vinyl. All the flower shapes were flowers included with the Funtime software. I used pastel green, pink, lavender, and blue vinyl. Once I weeded the flowers, I moved on to the phrase “Spring Has Sprung”. I used the free font “PuppyBellies. I slightly thickened the font using the outline tool, and instead of the paw print over the letter i, I used a small flower.

Next, I cut out grass from a grass green vinyl. I cut two 12” strips that were 1.25” high. I also cut the flower stems on this sheet. After that I cut the outer part of the PopKut Butterfly in orange.
Now it was time to arrange my flowers and text on the box. First I laid down the stems on 3 sides. Then I arranged my flowers, using transfer tape, on the stems. On the 4th side I laid down the stems and the little blue flowers, and my “Spring Has Sprung” phrase.

Last, for the box, I laid the green grass on all 4 sides, lining it up with the bottom of the box. Then I used a clear sealer to protect the box since I will be using it as a decoration each year.

Next came the candy floral bouquet. First I filled 14 clear bags, size 1” x 8”, with Brach's Jelly Beans. Leave a bit of room at the top for the flower topper.

Once all of the bags were full, I used the print and cut feature to make the toppers. The images were ones I purchased from Gina Jane. I imported the flowers and butterflies into Funtime and then used the contour cut wand to get the outline. I cleaned it up a bit and then also made a mirror image of each one for the back. Then I print & cut the flowers out. I ran the flowers and butterflies through my Xyron to make them sticky, and placed them on top of the jelly bean tubes.

Then came my mom, who is really awesome at arranging flowers. We taped white round lollipop sticks on the bottom of the tubes. We filled the box with some salt (about 1/3rd of the way up) and then pushed in the tubes where we wanted them. You could also use styrofoam instead of salt if you wish. We finished it off with some Easter grass shreddies, and the project was done!

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