Sunday, July 22, 2012

Digging for Treasure by Becki W

What says summer more than getting a bucket full of dirt poured on your toes?  Maybe it would be more summery if it was sand but since I don't live in Florida, my nephew only has the dirt in my backyard as filler.

I thought a shovel and pail, personalized of course, would be a nice birthday present for a 2 year old boy.  I know he likes to pick up the dirt in my garden and throw it in the air.  Maybe this will help him keep it at a more acceptable height.  I found the bucket dirt cheap (pun intended) at Michaels for about 60 cents.  I figure that would be a reasonable price for something that is going to stay dirty all the time.

Sorry for all the pictures but I thought you might want to see all the cool stickers and vinyl I put on.  I used white and light blue vinyl for the name and the sentiment.  While the skull & crossbonestreasure chestPirate flag, and tricorne hat were originally cut files, I needed an excuse to use my new Print n' Cut motherboard that I installed recently into my Gazelle.  Oh what fun!  I will make my nephew a bucket to dig for treasure in style!

First, I colored the files the way I thought would look cool against the bright green (I know, why lime green?  The selection was limited) and print them out with registration marks.  Next comes loading the printed sheet into my Gazelle, use the laser to detect the marks and let my beauty cut away!   All that is left to do is apply to my pail.  One word of caution before use, the images are not waterproof so I would hit them with a few coats of matte sealer before applying to a project like this.  I am sure this bucket will get plenty wet.

Skull and Crossbones by Boss Kut
Pirate Hat by Boss Kut
Pirate Flag by Boss Kut
Treasure Chest by Boss Kut
Black Adder font with shadow layer

Becki M. Boss Kut Design Team member

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