Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Slice of Goodness by Kenya G

Hello Everyone,

Do you ever use or remember the files that come with the Fun Time software when you purchase the BossKut Gazelle? I not I encourage you to do so! There are so many images! I am especially drawn to the 3-D items. I have mentioned that before I think, but I just cannot get past the fact they are FREE!!!!

To embellish the box, I used iridescent pink pearls around the box.  I also tied a ribbon around the box which was given to me by Ms. BossKut! On the top, I used pink sheer ribbon. On top of the ribbon, I used the Forget Me Nots flowers. They were sprayed with mist.

That is it! A simple box (FREE) with a splash of goodies on top. Don’t forget to stop by for more files, supplies and inspiration! Kenya~

Cake Box-FREE with Fun Time

I was asked to do a favor for someone who is going to be hosting a party soon. I immediately thought to use my BossKut Gazelle! The cake box is one of many of the treat boxes that come FREE with the Fun Time software!


Marge said...

I had been here to visit and wondered why the comments were no longer available and now realize (at least on my computer monitor) they're actually there, but such a pale white that I couldn't see them -- probably having to do with what 'brightness level' I have my laptop?! Anyway, I LOVE this sweet project and since it's nearing lunchtime here, I am now hungry! LOL! NICE job!!!

Mrs. Boss Kut said...

Thank you Marge, I think we fixed it. :)

Marge said...

Fabulous -- you certainly did fix it!!! Thanks, Mrs. BK!!! ;~)