Friday, July 27, 2012

BOSSKUT GAZELLE 3 pt. Registration for Print-n-Cuts on 12x12 Paper

By Judy Stark
You must have the updated Gazelle 3 Funtime software and the current motherboard.

More information about the Boss Kut Gazelle at

Please note:
 This is the technique I personally have chosen to use and the 12x12 is presently being tested by BK Tech support. I am confident a Company tutorial will follow when testing is completed. In other words, I am not technical enough to know why this works but it does for me. Remember; leave the margins clear as you would with the regular size 8.5" by 11" print n cut screen. If you have not used the print n cut feature before, I would suggest looking at the tutorials online.

The first step is to open your Gazelle Funtime software program, put 12" width and 12" length for the page size. Import the file you want to cut onto the 12" x 12" page.  My printer is an iX6520 Canon and for me to get a full 12x12 copy area, I have to change my printing options under custom settings for my printer. Be sure your setting for borderless is on.
My design is on my mat, my personal printer setting is ready and now I am ready to add the crop marks. You will see they are still showing the 8.5" by 11" size; we will fix that soon enough!

I am not going to touch the bottom left crop mark! You want it around .75 of an inch from your paper’s edge or your blade holder will not be able to be adjusted for crop mark 3.
I will select with my mouse, the bottom right crop mark (crop mark 1) and click my arrow button to move it to the right to around .50 inch away from my paper edge. You will notice crop mark 2 (upper right) will move at the same time. After your bottom crop marks in place, select the upper right mark and move down about .50-.75 inch. After your crop marks are adjusted, you click print. After your page has printed, lay your paper on your mat as you normally would for a 12x12 paper.

One more step before we are ready to cut. Click the setting link on top of your Funtime browser.


                                 CLICK the UNIT/PAGE TAB                                                                               
                                                           The upper right of this you will see Sign Page. Change it to W- 12 and the H to 13 or 14. I use 14 as my printer needs custom settings for 12x12 printing. If yours doesn’t, use the 13. I want my Gazelle to "think" my paper is longer than it is; so it cuts fully the 12 inch length! Click OK and you will return to your screen/work area.

Look below how your page now will look.

Notice the #2 crop mark looks as it is moved down more? Well, it isn’t! The page is now longer to the 14" L I set.

You will now go through the process of setting your crop marks with the laser registration.

 Below is the link to a video showing this process for 8.5" by 11 inch by Terri.

 After you have finished this process, it is time to cut! I now have larger cupcake wrappers!
Thank You! 
Judy Stark- Bosskut Design Team
download the.pdf for this tutorial here

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