Monday, July 9, 2012

Swan 3D Print and Cut Card by Lori m.

                                                        Swan 3D Print and Cut Card by Lori m.

Here’s another one of those adding dimension and print and cut cards using my Gazelle.

One of our local bay area’s suddenly had an abundance of swans, geese and ducks all swimming together in harmony.

I’ve never been really close to a swan before, to notice how incredibly beautiful and how big they are.

So out came my camera snapping away which didn’t frighten them in the least.  For a moment you’d actually think they were posing for me.

Using the contour wand and Funtime program, I traced my photo, and then cut a few more partial parts out, to make a layered swan. 

I tried to give the card a pond look for its background, this guy was so graceful, just gorgeous watching him glide along.   

Lori m.

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