Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Celebrate America Wreath by Jamie G

Files Used: Star Burst 0951, Bottle Rocket by Olivia Myers 0952, 4th of July Mini Collection BKD021
Materials: 16" Foam Wreath, Red, White, and Blue Fun Fur Yarn, Silver Glitter Eyelash Fun Fur Yarn, Cardstock, Glitter Cardstock, Rhinestones

Check out Design Team Member Becki's post on her Spring is in Air Wreath for the inspiration on the base of this wreath!!

Red, white, and blue are my favorite colors and I absolutely love celebrating all the patriotic holidays throughout the year! I needed a Patriotic wreath that I could hang all year if I wanted and still celebrate the current holiday.

DID YOU KNOW, that in Funtime you can easily create a charm from your designs?! It's with this special effect that I was easily able to take my wreath and transform it from holiday to holiday!

I started with a 16" foam wreath and wrapped it with red, white, and blue fun fur yarn and silver glitter eyelash fun fur yarn. It was a pain managing the 4 different yarns at once but I'm very happy with the results!!

Before I finished covering the foam wreath with the yarn I added a hook. My thought was that I didn't want to add the hook after the yarn was done because I was afraid that the hook would cut through the yarn. Didn't want to have to repair what I'd already done!!

To decorate around the wreath, I used the 4th of July Mini Collection BKD021 and added "Celebrate America" outlined to the top of the wreath and the Bottle Rockets by Olivia Myers 0952 to the bottom.

To the sides, I added the sparkles from the 4th of July Mini Collection BKD 021. I cut them from the beautiful glitter paper available at Bosskut. To layer them, I used seed beads between each sparkle and secured them to the wreath with push pins.

For the 4th of July sign, I started by layering the design in Funtime and once I had the look I wanted, I outlined the whole thing. Then with the charm special effect, I added it to my outline.

I cut the finished outline from 110 lbs cardstock and using a cloud template I made, I used chalk to create a sky look. For some added protection I applied Mod Podge to the entire cardstock. Then using the beautiful glitter paper available at Bosskut, I cut out the Star Burst 0951 in various sizes.
I added 4 rhinestones to the 4, because you can never have too much bling on the Fourth of July!! Using 1/8" 3-D dots, I attached the "Happy 4th of July" sentiment. Now it's all set to hang each 4th of July!!

While I still have quite a few patriotic holidays to account for, I was able to get a Service Flag and Yellow Ribbon completed.

My Service Flag I made sure to make the stars removable. I have 2 brothers currently serving in the United States Air Force and my dearest husband serves in the United States Army. From time to time there's a multiple of deployments and I wanted to be able to represent each loved person during their deployment. The Service Flag is simply put together with basic shapes and a ribbon secured to it with brads.

My Yellow Ribbon proudly displays my husband’s name and the Army seal. HOOAH!! I also used the charm special effect on the ribbon. :o)

                                         God Bless America!!

Jamie Gillahan – Bosskut Design Team Member
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