Monday, July 2, 2012

Summertime Coasters by Becki W.

With the start of summer, my mind wanders off to evening BBQs and tall glasses of Sweet Iced Tea.  So naturally, it also wanders to fun crafting ideas.   Especially ones that I can give as gifts when attending said BBQs.  Here's a look at one of the first of many crafty gifts I will be bringing to my friend's homes.

These are super simple to make.  Here's a quick run down.  I bought my tiles from The Home Depot and they are approximately 4.25 inch square in plain white. Cut out the design of your choice.  I used the Florette III by Boss Kut in four coordinating colors.  Then just place a thin layer of ModPodge or decoupage medium on the tile itself, place and center your image and then another thin layer.  I think it works better with three thin layers as opposed to one or two thick coats.  Also doesn't take as long to dry.

After everything was coated a few times and let to dry overnight, I sprayed a clear acrylic sealer in gloss on them.  If you choose not to seal, the ModPodge when wet will cloud up.  They will dry out again and go clear but I wouldn't want to take the chance and ruin them with repeated use.  The bottoms have four felt pads to prevent scratching on the bottom.  Also available to The Home Depot

See, super simple and great for those parties where there will be lots of Sweet Tea (my favorite - yum!). Can you tell I don't like to decorate my coffee table with water rings?  Have a great day and happy crafting!

Florette III by Boss Kut
4.23" ceramic tile
Clear Spray Sealer
felt or foam pads

Becki W. - Bosskut Design Team


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