Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bosskut SketchKut Tulip Card by Judy S

This was such a fun card to make using the Bosskut SketchKut Tulip file and my pen feature on my Bosskut Gazelle.
 Supplies used:
Cardstock, pen, 4 inch oval craft foil, markers for coloring,Glossy Accents and ribbons.

I made the Tulip piece first.  I was going after a vintage brooch look for my cardfront.  If you haven't used a SketchKut file before, it is simple as all of the guesswork has been done for you!  You just need to use your pen feature and let your Gazelle draw the file for you.
   After my Gazelle finished drawing and cutting my cardfront, I then used Copic markers and colored my tulips. You definately want to use alcohol based markers. Since I was going for a vintage look, I also shaded the background.  After you color your piece, you want to add a thin coat of Glossy Accents or any gloss for paper finish. Don't worry if your cardstock curls a little at first.  Keep applying your gloss finish, waiting for it to dry completely between coats. I brushed the coats from the middle to the outside. I used 6 coats on my front and let it sit over night to be sure it hardened and dried thoroughly. I then added the foil to the back and crimped it around the front piece. Glue the front piece to your card, add ribbon etc.and your done! 

Judy Stark - BossKut Design Team                                                          

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