Sunday, April 1, 2012

You Crack Me Up Card by Becki W.

While watching the Decorah Eagles non-stop and waiting for the three eggs to hatch, I came up with the idea for this card.  Just so happens, Boss Kut has a hatching chick file.    OK, now could I get it to do what I was envisioning.  Take a look and let me know what you think?

Some of you who are familiar with the hatching chick file might be noticing that the shell shape looks different.  Weeelllll, the shell that comes with the chick wouldn't do what I was wanting.  Just so happens Boss Kut has a egg blank file too.  WooHoo!  The day was saved.  You might recognize this shape from my previous card.  It is edged in Broken China Distress Ink and a Pearling Medium was dry brushed over the white base to give a shiny shell

You might also recognize the flowers.  I had some left over from my wreath.  (Keep those leftovers!)  They are Fifties Flower file from Boss Kut also.  I took this close-up so you could see my sentiment hanging off the Sky Trendy Twine.  How awesome is that?!?!  The Easter Greeting set had just what I was looking for.   I just hand drew the bunting and cut out.  Kind of matches that crack in the egg.   Wait, what's that crack in the egg for?  I think he's hatching!!!

Awww, how sweet, a little chick has just popped out of his shell!  Now that cracks me up!  hahahahahhehehehehe.  To make my crack line match up with the chick's original shell, I just place my egg blank over the original and followed the crack with the line tool.  The flower on the left hand side is hiding a brad that lets the lid swivel.

 Look, it still functions as a real card too!  Is it too much?  Too weird?  Too shiny?  LOL  Hope you enjoyed another one of my egg-cellent card.  Sorry, couldn't resist.  ^__^  Have a great week and happy crafting!

65lb white cardstock base
Broken China Distress Ink
DecoArt Pearlizing Medium
0340hatchingchick by Boss Kut
0642eggblank by Boss Kut
0504Dfiftiesflower by Boss Kut
Trendy Twine in Sky
Easter Greetings sentiment from My Thoughts Exactly

Becki Wagner - Bosskut Design Team

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