Friday, April 27, 2012


Materials: Cardstock

I first saw a sample of this card on Pinterest and thought, "Hey, I can do that!!" I find that with my Gazelle, I say that A LOT!! :o) When I saw the card it immediately reminded of one very special woman in my life and I knew that I had to make it for her. She is a military wife, who has watched her husband deploy several times. She has done a wonderful job with 2 beautiful little ladies and is truly a SUPER MOM! She also enjoys reading comic books!! Yeah, this card fit her perfectly!!

While I didn't use any files available through Bosskut Designs, I used many of the wonderful features available on the Funtime software. As I've learned my way around the tools and options available, I've learned that there really isn't much that you wouldn't be able to do.

I first started by creating the 5x6.5 card, rounded the edges a tad, and scored the rectangle down the middle for the fold. I knew that I was going to need at least 2 layers to get the look I wanted, so I made another rectangle that was 1/4 inch smaller than the original card. I set those aside so that I could work on the design the card is center on.

Since I couldn't find the shape that I was looking for among the Funtime shapes that come with the software I went ahead and made my own. Using the option to turn on the grid, I created the cut lines of the shape I wanted to use. Then I duplicated the shape because I was going to use it on 2 layers of the card and I want the shape the exact same size.

Using the Funtime font Helvetica Medium I typed out "SUPER"and set it aside and then typed out "MOM." For the word "MOM" I editted the spacing so that the letters were touching. I then selected both "SUPER" and "MOM" and used the alignment button to center the 2 words one on top of the other. I moved them close enough so that they were over lapping and welded them together.

Then I put "SUPER MOM" where I wanted it on one of the shapes that I had set aside. Selecting the shape first, then "SUPER MOM" I used the subtraction tool. A great tutorial available at the Boss Kut Training website shows you exactly how easy it is to use the subtraction tool!!

With the first layer done, I used the Funtime font Brush Script and typed in the "S." I put the "S" on top of the duplicate shape I had set aside. Using the distortion tool, I shaped the "S" to fit inside the shape and again used the subtraction tool.

With the "hard" part done, I sent my cuts to my Gazelle. I layered the pieces to my card and now it's ready to head out to one super Momma!!

Jamie Gillahan – Bosskut Design Team Member

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