Saturday, April 28, 2012

Deco Split Intitials by Lori m

Have you seen those beautiful split Initials around?  Here’s an easy way to get similar results using your Bosskut Gazelle and Funtime Software.

First, you’ll need to select the font of your choice; there are many free fonts available on the internet.

I chose the “Genzsch Initials” font, which I felt worked nicely for this project.
Next, you’ll want to select your Text button on the top tool bar, scroll down to “Convert Text to Path”, and then I go back to my Text button on the top tool bar, scroll down to “Break Text by Character”. 

Your letter will look the same but, if you go to Wire Frame mode you’ll notice red and blue outline colors which will allow you to move the parts around and clean up any stray points.

Now, what I did was draw a rectangle and position it in the middle of my letter, you can draw two really thin rectangles and split the letter in two parts if you choose.

After your rectangle is positioned where you want it, add your text in that space.

Next, select your letter, and what I did, is go to my left side tools and select the subtract button which is the button above the eraser, it looks like the weld button with a paper clip.

 This will move the pieces in the order you’ll want.  (Be sure to black and white text colors for this part to work.)

Now, back up to your top tool bar and under the “Shape” button, scroll down until you see WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) button and select this. Another box will open and you’ll select “Low” then OK. You’ll end up with two letters, just delete the letter to the left, the one on the right is the one you need.

This is how they look in wireframe mode, see the difference where your center rectangle is?
Stay in wire frame mode, and delete the rectangle behind your text.
Once this is done, exit wire frame mode, make any adjustments to your finished letter, I group mine, then it’s ready to cut.

Here’s the finished look.
My Finished project!

Thanks for looking; I hope you enjoyed my easy way to achieve “Fancy Initial” looks.

Lori m.  Bosskut Design Team

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