Friday, April 20, 2012

Tri Fold Card by Jamie

Machine Used: Boss Kut Gazelle
Software: Funtime Scrapbooking III
Files Used: Vintage Tag 0834, Victorian Heart by Phyllis Parkins 0964, Flourish by Phyllis Parkins 0980
Materials: Cardstock, Happy Mother's Day Stamp, Pearl Heart Brads

While there's a learning curve with anything you take on, let me personally tell you that once you start to get the basics of the Funtime software, it's addictive!! You'll find yourself searching the web for tutorials on how to create cut files just so that you can practice! I know . . . I've spent hours learning and watching the Boss Kut training videos over and over and over again. I now have a plethora of different style boxes and card types to choose from!! I'd ask someone to stop me BUT that might not be in anyone's best interest. :o)

For this project I chose a tri-fold card (the cut and score lines I found in a tutorial online). In the Funtime software I create the rectangle and size it according to the template that I'm following. Then in the transformation tool box I position the shape in 0,0 along the axes. This will make it easier for me when it come to adding in additional cut lines and score lines. 

I then add in the cut lines and the score lines according to the template. My personal preference is to create the cut lines in one color and then the score lines in another.

Doing it this way makes it easy for me when I go to make the cut with my Gazelle. I can choose to "cut" the cut lines and the score lines OR I can just "cut" the cut lines and then use another method to score the cardstock.
After I have the basic card created, I add in additional embellishments that I may want to add in the future.

Something that intimidated me so much at the beginning has really become the thing that I enjoy doing: Taking an idea, creating a cut file, and then decorating it with the beautiful cut files at Boss Kut Designs. All of this leads me to my card in this project!!

On the front fold, I added the Vintage Tag 0834 with the "Happy Mother's Day" stamped on and attached it with the 2 pearl heart brads.

On the second fold, I used the negative from the Victorian heart, as well as another Flourish by Phyllis Parkins 0980 as the top and bottom border. This will be where I'll sign the card.

With the final fold, I added the Victorian Heart by Phyllis Parkins 0964 and then accented around it with maroon pearls.

Thanks for looking!!

Jamie Gillahan – Bosskut Design Team Member

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Rebecca Morefield-Wagner said...

Awesome, Jamie. This is an amazing card! Any mother is sure to enjoy it!