Monday, April 30, 2012

Mother's Day Layout by Debbie G

 For this layout I got out my Bosskut manual machine for the flowers. I used flower dies from Bosskuts design a flower line, 0680, 0684, and 0692. I used coffee filters and cut 3 at a time, then colored them with Copic Markers Available at  I separated the layers and put them together turning each layer. The flowers almost look like real blossoms that have been pressed in a book.

 I then used my Gazelle to cut the new Floral Doily, Mothers Love 0350, Flower Silhouette 0365, and the 0327 butterfly from . The Gazelle allowed me to change the sizes of the butterflies to make them much smaller than the die and I cut them in a couple different sizes. For the large doily I colored the different inside layers of the doily and did not cut the center as it distracted from the Mother and her Baby but I did cut the doily complete for the smaller ones. This is just a side note, Terri from technical support tells me that I could have cut the coffee filters on my Gazelle by ironing the coffee filter between 2 pieces of butcher paper, cutting and then ironing the butcher paper again and removing it from my coffee filter flowers. I still have my manual machine and found it to be an easy alternative.
 I hope you enjoy this layout it as it is a lot of fun to make it.

Debbie Grommet - Bosskut Design Team

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Jamie_G said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!